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Do you often feel tired or sluggish throughout the day?

Do you lack control over your eating habits?

Do you feel like your body is inflamed or out of balance and could use a reboot?

The Bellacor Clean & Lean Detox is a holistic program designed to reset your body in a healthy way and jumpstart better habits moving forward. Purge unwanted toxins in a way that your body will thank you for! 

We hope you'll find this program to be a powerful way to achieve your health goals.

About the Program

Program Introduction (8:00)

Unlike other cleanses, The Bellacor Clean & Lean Detox relies on the power of FOOD as medicine. Clean, organic, whole foods supported by supplementation help purge the body of unwanted toxins, inflammation, & excess fat, while a slow and intentional return back to a full menu creates awareness of how different foods affect your body and brain. The result? You are empowered with a new way of eating, allowing you to maintain your lean, clean, bellacor-beautiful body.

What's Included
  • 10 Day Food Based, Supplement Supported Detox

  • 4 additional days of food reintegration for improved body awareness

  • Digital Booklet that includes:

    • Detailed eating schedule

    • Grocery list

    • Tips for success

    • Food Tracker

    • Over 30 recipe ideas

  • Daily videos with education and encouragement

  • Supplements focused on blood sugar & appetite support, detoxification support, and full body support

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About Meredith
  • Founder of Bellacor Bodyworks and creator of the Bellacor 10 Day Clean & Lean Detox.

  • Provides holistic and foundational care for women's health, fertility support, pregnancy, and natural beauty.

  • Over 17 years of experience in health coaching and supplementation encouraging optimal health for families.

David benson

“What and awesome 10 days. Went into the detox with the goal of cleaning out my system, the jumpstart 2021 and to get back in the habit of healthy eating. After the ten days I feel great. My body feels like a well oiled machine. My stomach has shrunk and appetite has curbed.“

  • Weight: 22.6lbs lost

  • Waist: 4 inches lost

  • Midsection: 8 inches lost

  • Chest: 4 inches lost

  • Body Fat Percentage: 3.6% body fat lost

- David B.


“I am a type 2 diabetic.  Typically my morning glucose is 150 -140mg.  But this morning I was 92. A fasting glucose under 100 is considered normal. I have NEVER been at 92 as a morning reading!   Even better my 7 day average is 108.  In addition I have lost 12 pounds. I know this detox has worked wonders for me.”

  • lost 12 pounds

  • decreased fasting glucose by 45mg 

  • down 4 pant sizes

- Rosalynn W.


“This detox is amazing and I haven’t felt this great in a long while. I learned so much more about my gut and the foods I should be eating for myself. I have more energy even without coffee, less bloated and brain fog which as great enough results in itself.  I can really see how the redness/puffiness has decreased along with seeing more of my jawline.  I’ve lost 8 pounds and down 11 inches overall.”

  • lost 8 pounds

  • dropped 11 inches

  • cleared up her skin

- Marissa P.


"Over the past 14 months I’d dieted and lost 84 pounds but then plateued.  I was stuck and the detox broke the plateau.  I lost an additional 18.6 pounds in 10 days."

- Nick S.


"This detox was such a huge change up from my regular diet for sure. It also made me more conscious when shopping and instilled some SERIOUS discipline. The payoff was so so worth it. I feel better, my mind is clearer, and getting up in the morning has been so much easier! Plus I lost 20 pounds! So thank you again!!"

- Ramy B.


"I did the 10 Day Detox in August 2021 to shed some of the difficult pounds. I have managed to keep it off the next three months as I continued the healthier habits I picked up from the Detox!"

- Nani K.


"My skin definitely cleared up. Was feeling more confident in my appearance. I also noticed less constipation and bloating. My cravings were less and sometimes I didn't even think about junk food and my old habits. Had more energy, walking up and down a flight of stairs became so much easier and I wasn't as breathless.

"Psychologically, I became wiser with my food choices, which resulted in less sugar and less carbs. The detox really boosted my confidence, while teaching me new ways of knowing the difference between hunger and cravings. It also really encouraged me to stay hydrated. My biggest highlight was going down 2 bra sizes and having extra room around my arms when I am wearing coats!

"I knew in order for me to succeed in my weight loss journey and goals, I would have to really step out of my comfort zone. The detox helped me do that!"

- Nommy G.


"I started the Detox for a few reasons: I felt like my mind was super foggy all the time, I was avoiding nutrient dense foods, and I felt very inflamed and bloated constantly. Also, as a personal trainer, I would tell many clients that taking care of themselves is important, and yet I stopped taking care of myself. 

Since completing the detox, people have been literally telling me my skin is glowing! I've been drinking more water, eating more vegetables, and taking fewer naps! I used to nap almost every day, but now I feel so energized all the time! I was able to get through a complete strength training workout without any trouble. 

Though my goal was not to lose weight, I was able to cut some here and there. I lost 4.4 lbs (as a small 5'0" person, that's significant), and I lost 1.7% body fat. From my full body scans, you can see that I was able to reduce inflammation throughout my body, and I feel better than ever. LOVE this detox! 

- Sam Q.

My mom did the 10 Day Detox to help with her thyroid. At her doctor's appointment after doing the detox, her doctor said because of the weight she's lost along with the change in her eating habits, it has decreased the size of her thyroid. My mom was also experiencing swelling in her legs and ankles, that went away during the detox and has not returned. She lost 20 pounds during the 10 days and as of now she's down a total of 36 pounds so the majority of her weight lost was during the detox. Doctor says she still needs to continue losing to really get things under control because she is also borderline diabetic, but as far as her thyroid situation, she is in good shape.

- Moe W.

Note: This program is ideal for those desiring weight loss, hormonal balance, skin clarity, mental clarity, increased energy, and decreased inflammation. It is NOT appropriate for pregnant or nursing women, or those undergoing a major physical recovery. If you aren't sure if the detox is right for you, please consult with your doctor. 

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