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Continuing Education

Get certified in the Fertility Enhancing Massage (FEM) Fundamentals and earn 7 CEU's in the comfort of your own home!

Grow your practice with Fertility Massage!
Taught by award-winning instructor Meredith Nathan, LMT.

Board Approved CEU provider
Fertility Massage
Continuing Education

10% of women of child-bearing age
experience infertility in the United States.
9% of men in the same age range also experience infertility.

That's 7,463,000 women and 
5,935,500 men in the US.

Why FEM?



1 out of 6 couples in the US struggle with infertility.


Immediate Application

Learn a universal 30 minute fertility massage protocol.



Help turn patients into parents and create lasting impact in their lives.


Be In Demand

Differentiate and specialize.

Attract a niche clientele with Fertility Enhancing Massage.



Learn from pioneers with nearly 20 years of experience. Meredith created this protocol before the topic of fertility was considered mainstream.



Receive 7 CEUs.

The global fertility market size is predicted
to hit around US$ 47.9 billion by 2030,
according to a study by Precedence Research.


Fertility Enhancing Massage Fundamentals: Moon Massage

Students will learn Pulling Down the Moon’s foundational fertility massage, as well as an overview of reproductive health and anatomy, medicalized fertility treatments, common fertility challenges and holistic solutions.

Module 1

Understanding the Fundamentals of Reproduction

  • The phases of the menstrual cycle, and hormones involved

  • The lifespan of the egg/ sperm

  • Reproductive anatomy

  • Common fertility challenges

  • Hands on techniques for fertility


"Meredith is not only very knowledgable, highly skilled, and intelligent, she is passionate about her work and helping patients through massage therapy. I observed her with patients and she showed a deep level of compassion and empathy for these patients who are not only undergoing medical treatments, but enduring the extreme amount of stress and anxiety related to their inability to conceive... I have come to gain a true appreciation of the benefits offered to patients with the merging of western therapies and holistic therapies. I think that Meredith Nathan has created a massage protocol that I believe wholeheartedly will compliment the therapies I treat my patients with and enhance their success while hopefully decreasing the stress level they are facing as they undergo the difficult and arduous treatments we prescribe."

Dr. Melisa Esposito, MD, FACOG

Meredith Nathan, LMT
Director of Massage, Pulling Down the Moon

“I wasn't satisfied just being the person who helped fertility patients relax. I enjoy a challenge.”
Meredith Nathan, L.M.T., graduated with honors from Northwestern University and Chicago School of Massage Therapy. Meredith has continued her education through the Upledger Institute as well as Mercier Training Institute, and is certified in Gynovisceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage Technique, CranioSacral Therapy, and Prenatal Massage. Meredith created the Fertility Enhancing Massage (FEM) Protocol in 2008 after working with thousands of women seeking to improve their fertility since 2004. In 2017, in partnership with Pulling Down the Moon, Meredith became an approved provider of Continuing Education in the field of Fertility Massage with the NCBTMB. Meredith was the esteemed recipient of the AMTA’s 2018 Pioneer Award, has been highlighted in Massage Magazine and Conceive Magazine, and was a contributing author to 'Fully Fertile, A 12 Week Holistic Plan for Optimal Fertility'.
Holistic Fertility Expert
Holistic Fertility Expert
Beth Heller

Beth is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Pulling Down the Moon, Inc., Integrative Care for Fertility (ICF ™). Beth earned her Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in 1999 and prior to founding PDtM, she spent four years working as a Nutrition Researcher for the Women’s Walking Program, a large National Institutes of Health-funded study that examined the impact of walking exercise on the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of menopausal women. As she witnessed women become stronger, less anxious and less depressed as a result of adding walking to their lives Beth had her first introduction to the powerful connection between mind and body.
Holistic Fertility Expert
Tami Quinn
BS, RYT, Yoga Swami

Tami is the Co-Founder of Pulling Down the Moon, a revolutionary holistic fertility center that has changed the standard of care for women experiencing infertility. Tami was called to this work after a 14-year career in the corporate world, most recently with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia where she spent 8-1/2 years in advertising and marketing. Struggling to find balance between career and family, Tami turned to yoga and discovered ancient healing techniques that not only helped with her stress, but also provided tools to help live a more balanced life.  Remembering her own difficulty in conceiving her twins, Tami knew these yoga tools would be meaningful for women experiencing similar challenges.
  • Is "Fundamentals of Fertility Massage: Moon Massage" a stand-alone course or a pre-requisite?"
    Both. This is a stand-alone course and a pre-requisite for future, more in-depth certifications. With this course alone, you will be certified to provide a 30-minute fertility massage. It will also serve as a building block for future fertility massage courses.
  • Can I immediately put what I learn to use?
    Absolutely. Upon completion of the course and certification, you can immediately implement these techniques.
  • Who can benefit from Fertility Enhancing Massage: Moon Massage?
    This protocol will benefit the vast majority of fertility clients, both male and female, and can be offered as a stand-alone 30-minute session OR blended into a 60 or 90-minute massage.
  • How long does it take to complete the course?
    You can learn at your own pace and around your schedule. Go as fast as you'd like!
  • Is there a deadline to complete the course?
    Currently there is no deadline to complete the course upon purchasing the material. However, the course can be completed in as little as a few days.
  • Can I take this course if I'm not a Licensed Massage Therapist?
    Yes! People in related fields like Physical Therapy can benefit from this education.
  • Will the course videos work on my tablet or phone?
    Yes! Take the course with you wherever you go!
  • What is the full cost?
    1 one time payment of $395 USD.
  • Is there an option for a payment plan?
    We currently do not offer a payment plan. We do accept credit cards for payment.
  • What documentation will I receive upon completion of this course?
    After completing all three modules, there is a certification test. Upon passing of the test, you will receive a certificate of completion and certification with proof of your 7 CEU's.
  • Is this the only course for Fertility Enhancing Massage or will there be more in the future?
    There will be more courses in the future that have been delayed due to Covid-19. However, this course is it's own stand-alone course with it's own certification for immediate application into your practice.
Fertility Enhancing Massage

Ready to get on your way to adding
Fertility Massage to your practice?

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