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Nutritional Coaching

Over the course of your day, how much does your body do for you?  Does it get up earlier than it wants to?  Stay up later than it should?  Run on fuel (food) that's based on convenience, rather than on what your body really needs?  And still it gives you over 20,000 breaths, 100,000 heartbeats, and literally millions of subtle movements and functions each and every day.  So the real question becomes...

Over the course of your day, how much do you give back to your body?


Education & Coaching

I am not a nutritional purist.  I understand that we live in a busy world that too often is filled with stress and chaos.  I get the appeal of reaching for what's easy instead of what's good.  And I never...ever...ever judge!  My goal in working with clients is to help provide them with education and simple solutions that can live in their world.  Whether you are a total health-nut or a junk-food-junkie, the power of simple, positive, consistent choices can make a huge difference in how you experience life.  Your food and nutrients should help to fuel and support the goals that you're pursuing and the life you're living.. 


Why Supplement?

We live on a different earth today than our grandparents did.  Much of our soil is depleted.  Our environment is plagued with subtle toxins and endocrine disruptors.  And even our organic produce may sit in warehouses for days, weeks, or months before it arrives to our grocery stores.  Today, even those that strive to make healthy eating choices may not be getting the same nutrients from our food as we would have 50 years ago.  Supplementation can play an important role in filling in the almost inevitable dietary gaps.


Holistic Care for Life

Diet and supplementation can create massive changes in how we feel, our resistance to sickness, our hormonal balance, our skin clarity, and our longevity.  Simple changes to how we eat and the nutrients we absorb can have profound impact on the health and balance of our bodies.  Furthermore, the nutrients we take in can play a huge role in our fertility, how we feel during pregnancy, encouraging optimal fetal development, and infant development while nursing.


The Bellacor Clean & Lean 10 Day Detox

Today, there are more than 75,000 chemicals licensed for commercial use, more than 2,000 new synthetic chemicals are registered every year, and the Environmental Protection Agency has tallied close to 10,000 chemical ingredients in cosmetics, food and consumer products.  In 2000, major American companies -- not even counting the smaller ones -- dumped 7.1 billion pounds of 650 different industrial chemicals into our air and water.  Let’s face it - our bodies are being bombarded, and we owe it to ourselves to do a little spring cleaning.

Unfortunately, many dietary cleanses on the market are aggressive to the body and unsustainable - too many people love watching the pounds melt off of them, only to realize too late their metabolism has slowed, their weight has returned, and through their cleanse they never learned a new way of EATING.  Unlike other cleanses, The Bellacor Clean & Lean 10 Day Detox relies on the power of FOOD as medicine.  Clean, organic, whole foods supported by supplementation help purge the body of unwanted and unwelcome toxins, inflammation, & excess fat.  A slow and intentional return back to a full menu allows for awareness of how different foods affect your body and brain.  The result?  You are empowered with a new way of eating, allowing you to maintain your lean, clean, bellacor-beautiful body.


Our Diet and Lactation

Nutrition plays a huge role in lactation. While nursing position, the baby’s latch, skin-to-skin, and supply and demand are all vital aspects to a healthy nursing relationship, small nutritional tweaks can yield huge results for the mother that still struggles with her supply. While some foods and nutrients are known galactagogues, others can suppress milk development. Some vitamins and herbs that are recommended for pregnancy can actually hurt lactation. Furthermore, dieting and other weight loss strategies can be devastating to the supply of the nursing mother. Dietary coaching and insight into key nutrients for milk production, such as certain types of BCAA amino acids, known as Glucogenic amino acids, have great potential to enhance milk synthesis by the lactating mammary glands, and have provided incredible support to the breast feeding mother as she strives to provide her baby with the best.

Our Diet and Our Skin

Being beautiful is more than skin deep.  The nutrients we absorb, as well as lifestyle habits, can either accelerate our aging or give us a virtual fountain of youth.  Certain vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids can play a huge role in skin clarity, autoimmune skin conditions, and anti-aging.  So why not be a Bellacor Beaut, and be gorgeous from the inside out?


In Partnership with Nutrilite®

Nutrilite®, the first multivitamin sold in North America, has over an 80 year track record of providing the finest in supplementation.  With over 100 scientists, 190 patents/patents pending, and a history of discovery and innovation, they offer the best that science can provide.  With 6400 acres of their own organic farms and complete control over the process from seed to supplement, they offer the best that nature can provide.  


The best of nature + the best of science = the best of you.

Nutritional Coachig
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