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Are you dissatisfied with your skin?

Are you wanting a clean, holistic approach to beauty?

Are you tired of feeling like you don't know where to start?

The Bellacor Beauty Certified Skin Coach uses diagnostic technology, personal expertise, and master techniques to empower you with knowledge, equip you with a personalized product regimen, and begin your skin's transformation with clean, plant-powered, holistic beauty.

Our Mission

In a world barraged with media images of toxic beauty and gorgeous impossibilities, we seek to transform the culture of being beautiful one truth at a time. We believe in the unique radiance of each individual, and with health and beauty hand in hand, we strive to lift your loveliness to the light.

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Our Products

Vegan, clean, and traceable, our products rank in the top 10 prestige beauty brands worldwide*. Made in America but voluntarily abiding by the European Union Standards (EUS) for skincare, we avoid over 1300 ‘iffy’ ingredients (known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and toxins) that line the shelves of other stores. But we don’t stop there. In partnership with over 500 scientists and boasting over 250 patents and patents pending, our scientists have identified 5 vital skin nutritional requirements for healthy skin, and each skincare line is equipped to address them all.

We seek the most advanced, sustainable, scientifically-based, and plant-powered solutions for your skin - because you shouldn’t have to compromise health in the search for breathtaking results.

*according to the Euromonitor

5 Vital Skin Nutritional Requirements
Artistry Skin Requirements.png
  • Purify: keeps skin clean, calm, and free of skin-stressing irritants with pH-balanced, gentle amino acid surfactants

  • Balance: stabilizes and nurtures a more optimized skin microbiome with prebiotic

  • Rebuild: strengthens and visibly repairs skin by revitalizing the skin’s extracellular matrix, antioxidant defense mechanisms, and support proteins

  • Moisturize: saturates skin with lasting hydration and fortifies its moisture barrier with supercharged white chia seed

  • Protect: fights the aging effects of pollution, UV, blue light, and infrared on the skin with antioxidant protection and carnosine
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The Skin Coach

Too often clever ad campaigns, photo-shopped models, and colorful product packaging camouflage unhealthy solutions, dig at our insecurities, and trivialize our body's largest organ, the skin. 


What's missing is personalized knowledge about and respect for YOUR unique skin (which is a powerhouse of intricate functions that create balance and health in your body). 


This isn't just about how you look - it's 3-dimensional, just like you are. Lifestyle, nutrition, genetics, environment, time and the products that care for your skin all play a role.  Skin health goes deeper than what the naked eye can see...

Enter the Skin Analysis Machine and Skin Coaching process, in three simple steps: 


1) A process called ‘fluorescence’ uses precise levels of blue and black light to illuminate the top layers of skin, revealing and magnifying deeper layers of the epidermis and dermis.


2) Only the purest and results-driven skincare products are tested for effectiveness, both on the skin’s surface and in it’s deeper layers, thus eliminating the skincare guessing game.  Personalized skincare regimens, functional facials, and skin education are all part of the skin coaching process.  


3) Ongoing analysis is the final key: as the skin starts to get what it needs, it starts to transform.  As it starts to transforms, what it needs starts to change.  Over time, the skin balances and finds a new ‘normal’.


New normal, new you.

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Meet Our Team

Master Skin Coaches


Meredith Nathan

Chicagoland, IL

Laura copy.jpg

Laura Dodda

Punta Gorda, FL

nikki copy.jpg

Nikki Schaidle

Orlando, FL

taylor headshot.jpeg

Taylor Fleurissaint

Chicagoland, IL

Certified Skin Coaches
Serving Chicagoland, IL unless otherwise noted

Alexi Sanchez

Amanda Pastoriza

Anne Moreno

Brandi Benson

Carmella Gomez

Chinyere Achusim

Georgette Calaceto (Tampa, FL) 

Jasmin Newman

Mia Hussain

Samantha Hernandez

Samantha Quiroz


"The Bellacor Beauty facial & analysis was wonderful.  Being able to see what my skin looked like in the machine and seeing where I could improve was so helpful.  The products that were used really left my face feeling smooth and radiant!"

- Cheryl K

"I recently had a Bellacor facial and it was amazing. My problem skin conditions are rosacea, dry skin, discoloration and acne. It is very difficult to apply anything on my skin because it gets irritated so quickly. During the facial, I was so pleased with everything that I was educated with and applied on my skin. It was very gentle and my skin felt very hydrated, which is so rare to find for my skin!"

- Claudia P

"My skin is problematic and oily, but also dry in some areas. I had grown accustomed to my skin not looking soft and supple. Recently Nikki introduced me to a balancing system. I was skeptical at first but after seeing my face in the blue light I thought, 'what do I have to lose?' After my facial I went back into the blue light, looked at my skin, I could see it was soft, smooth, glowing and practically blemish free. My sensitive skin had no adverse reactions to the products.  My skin feels hydrated, soft, and smooth. I fell in love with the products!"

- Mar F

"The analysis process is simple and easy. It helps you pinpoint what the problems are, how to address them, and helps support the ongoing regimen. It's a great look into your skin."

- Martyna S

Interested in getting your skin coaching process going? Contact us and we'll connect you to a Bellacor Beauty Certified Skin Coach in your area.

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