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A Path to Pregnancy: 14 day Fertility Prep is a holistic program designed for women in every season of their fertility journey (from those preparing their bodies for conception to those knee deep in IVF).


This collaboration between Bellacor Bodyworks and Pulling Down the Moon, experts in holistic fertility for nearly 20 years, combines their collective knowledge into a step-by-step, two week, at-home program that includes:

  • daily articles to increase fertility IQ

  • daily self-care practices to encourage a fertile body

  • dietary recommendations for lowered inflammation, detoxification, and a fertile future

We hope you'll find this program to be a powerful ally for those trying to conceive!

About the Program
About the Experts
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Self Care Track


Full Program

Self Care + Detox


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Detox Track


What's Included
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  • Digital articles to help increase your fertility IQ

  • Physical self care videos to help all areas of the body that affect fertility

  • Full Self Massage for Fertility sequence

  • Yoga for Fertility videos

  • Guided Meditation

  • Castor Oil and Herbal Wrap

  • Dry Brush

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  • 10 Day Food Based, Supplement Supported Detox

  • 4 additional days of food reintegration building towards a fertility friendly diet

  • Digital Booklet with detailed eating schedule, grocery list, and recipe ideas

  • Daily videos with education and encouragement

  • Supplements focused on hormonal support, detoxification support, and full body support

  • View Table of Contents

  • All articles, videos, and resources from both the Self Care Track and the Detox Track

  • All products from both the Self Care Track and the Detox Track

  • $85 savings when purchased as a full program

  • View Table of Contents

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A Note from Meredith

For nearly two decades, I’ve been blessed to work with thousands of people on their journey towards parenthood. Over that time, I’ve become acutely aware of the growing infertility crisis that many are facing. Today, an estimated 1 in 8 couples struggle to conceive; in fact, the World Health Organization predicts that infertility will be the third most serious condition after cancer and cardiovascular diseases in the 21st century. Though so many people are impacted by this issue, most hold their fertility challenges close to the chest. Because the topic often goes undiscussed, there is a huge void of information and support surrounding infertility. My goal with this program is to fill that void.

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Intro Videos

Program Introduction (1:35)

You're Not Alone | Our Fertility Journeys (7:54)


"Meredith is not only very knowledgeable, highly skilled, and intelligent, she is passionate about her work and helping patients through massage therapy.   I observed her with patients and she showed a deep level of compassion and empathy for these patients who are not only undergoing medical treatments, but enduring the extreme amount of stress and anxiety related to their inability to conceive...


I have come to gain a true appreciation of the benefits offered to patients with the merging of western therapies and holistic therapies. I think that Meredith Nathan has created a massage protocol that I believe wholeheartedly will compliment the therapies I treat my patients with and enhance their success while  hopefully decreasing  the stress level they are facing as they undergo the difficult and arduous treatments we prescribe."

Dr. Melissa Esposito, MD, FACOG
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