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4 Fundamentals of Skin Nutrition

When I was a teenager, I remember hearing from 'the experts' that what I ate had no correlation to what was happening with my skin. I didn't need much convincing - if that's what the experts were saying, who was I to argue? Pizza and rootbeer floats for dinner, anyone?! Of course, time revealed these experts were misinformed, and simultaneously revealed acne, oiliness, enlarged pores and blackheads on my face... Something had to change—either I had to let go of my vanity or I needed to ditch the junk food!  I chose the latter, and my skin has never been happier. There are two basic steps to improving your skin from the inside out:  

Step one: limit the bad stuff.  Inflammatory foods like sugar & high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, fried foods, refined carbs, alcohol, & processed meats can irritate your skin, reduce skin clarity, aggravate skin texture, and ultimately speed along skin aging.

Step two: bring on the good stuff!  Subbing out those nasty habits for nourishing, nutrient-filled foods was easier than I thought it would be. It was amazing how my cravings disappeared once my body was getting what it actually needed. 

So what exactly is “the good stuff” for your skin? Here are four superfoods, macronutrients & health fundamentals to help you nourish your skin from within.

1) Know the A, B, C's of healthy skin

Your skin will thank you for giving it the basics:

Vitamin A is required for your skin to maintain and repair itself (found in salmon & liver).

Vitamin B (and especially Biotin) supports the skin’s metabolic functions (found in eggs & spinach).

Vitamin C builds collagen and elasticity in the skin (found in pineapples, acerola cherries, & Brussels sprouts).

2) Eat More Omega 3s

Essential fatty acids are...essential!  These oils, found in cold-water fish, walnuts, and flaxseed, help combat inflammation in your skin and body.  They also support your skin's cell membranes, which help your skin to detoxify and also to hold water.  So think clear, calm, and hydrated skin when you think omega 3s!

3) Get Some Probiotics for your Gut

These good bacteria help support a healthy gut, are strong anti-inflammatories, and support the immune system.  The benefits of probiotics for the skin are far-reaching, from helping to clear facial acne, body acne, eczema, rosacea, skin dryness to irritation.  You can find them in fermented foods such as yogurt, kombucha, and kimchi (or, if you're like me and hold your nose at most of these suggestions, a probiotic supplement will do the trick!)

4) Drink Water

Drink up!  Our bodies are approximately 60% water, and this vital ingredient is fundamental to your skin's success!  Drinking water helps to detoxify the skin and body, improve circulation (tired of seeing blue under your eyes?), and enhance skin moisture and clarity.  

Being specific with what goes into your body can give you unparalleled results for what shines through on the outside... Your skin longs to be luminous, hydrated, and radiant from the inside out!

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