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5 Ways to Feel More Grateful and Less Stressed

It's the most wonderful time of the year, but if we're being honest, it can also be the most stressful! As the weather gets colder and we start planning for the holidays, it’s easy for anxiety or sad memories to creep in despite our excitement. I personally find my emotions can play rollercoaster as we approach the holidays, and my default to seeing things in a positive or a negative light has so much to do with how I'm managing my stress, my time, and what I'm feeding my body and brain. So as we prepare to enter some very full days ahead, I’m excited to share some of my top strategies for staying healthy, appreciative, and ENJOYING the season you're in!

1. Shift Your Mindset

Two weeks ago, we had a big storm in the neighborhood, and around 4am we all awoke to a big BOOM. Of course I ended up with two tinies in bed with me, and we all spent the rest of the night waking periodically to the sounds of the storm. It wasn't until the next afternoon, when we went out into the backyard, that we realized what that ‘boom’ had been. The tallest tree in our yard, which also happens to be rooted very close to our boys’ bedroom, had been struck by lightening and fallen to the ground. When our 5 year old Max saw it he became frightened - he didn't know that could happen to a tree. But we explained to him that God took the one tree in the whole yard that could have hurt his bedroom and pushed it over in the exact opposite direction. When this dawned on him his face lit up and he kept repeating over and over ‘Thanks to God for saving my room!’ With one little mindset shift, Max reframed the situation from a fearful, anxiety-inducing nightmare to praise, gratitude, and a feeling of being protected. I think we can all learn from this - when we focus on what we’re grateful for and reframe the situation in our mind, we can feel uplifted, inspired, and blessed.

2. Support Your Immune System

The weather is getting chillier and with all gatherings, we need to be thinking about a proactive strategy for supporting our immune systems. Make sure you are taking your Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and don’t forget your probiotics! Gut health plays a huge role in immune health - and I’m obsessed with Nutrilite’s new Stress Relief Probiotic. This triple-threat botanical not only protects the immune system and supports healthy digestion, it also encourages a healthy response to occasional stress, promotes mental focus and feelings of productivity. Did you know that gut bacteria manufacture about 95 percent of the body’s supply of serotonin, a major influencer of mood and feelings of happiness? In fact, that the gut has often been called the ‘second brain’. 18 billion CFUs from two clinically supported probiotic strains join with a unique non-GMO melon concentrate, rich in one of the body’s most powerful antioxidant defense systems, for a powerhouse product that is sure to boost your health, your digestion, and your calm.

3. Set Aside Time for Yourself

It's important amidst the hustle to take some personal time to stop and smell the pumpkins (pumpkin spice latte anyone?). Do you love going for walks in nature? Getting a pedicure? Grabbing a coffee with a friend? Mental self-care isn’t easy to prioritize, but it's vital. Whether this time of year makes you feel alive or drives you toward an all-time low, the need to be proactive in our self-nurturing goes far beyond luxury; it prevents burnout, and is fundamental to good health!

4. Surround Yourself with Things that Calm and Delight You

Some of us are naturally wired for peace and tranquility. Others have to work a little harder to create our calm! The good news is our ‘calm’ can be called through the senses: specifically the nose, the tastebuds, and the skin. I love essential oils rollers with lavender and ylang ylang to help slow me down when I'm going a mile a minute. Teas are also a beautiful way to take in the soothing benefits of lavender - Take a Sec tea mixes lavender with a calming chamomile blend. And finally, who doesn’t love to feel beautiful while collecting peaceful vibes? Our CBD facial oil, Zen Daze Ahead, is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, super-soothing beauty blend that nourishes the skin and mind alike.

5. Write it Down!

Some people may find it corny, but to me there is tremendous power in focusing on gratitude. It’s a good practice to incorporate into life multiple times a day, but at the very least make it a nightly (or morning time) practice. Write down three things you are grateful for, and meditate on those throughout the day. As Maya Angelou advises, ‘Be present in all things, and thankful for all things.’ Because grateful hearts are magnets for miracles.

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