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7 Gifts to Get Ahead of the Holidays

Supply chain issues? Shipping delays? If you're like me, you're getting your shopping done early this year so you can get ahead of the holidays! Here are my top 7 unique, giftable items that are good for the mind & body!

Soothe and nourish your skin with this calming CBD facial oil. Comes with a free gua sha stone for a limited time!

This eye roller + serum instantly brightens and reduces the look of puffiness on contact.

Cleanse and energize with nature’s beauty besties: rose, dandelion root, and jasmine.

Less Stress More Yes - Relax Gummies Mango-lemon gummies deliver amino acid L-Theanine to banish stress and feel the YES!

Don't be fooled - men and women alike love this luxurious face mask. Treat dry, rough skin to a moisture-infusion with this luxurious, whipped mask.

Know someone who is constantly complaining about chapped lips as the seasons change? This intense lip balm can be worn overnight to heal cracked lips.

Small but mighty! Removes 99.99% of airborne contaminants, for a clean home and a peaceful mind.

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