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Adding More 'Thanks' to Your Thanksgiving

Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around, I do my best to slow down and really think about what I'm thankful for. It's tough sometimes when life is moving fast - there are kids running around, parties to host, cooking to do, holiday gifts to figure out. It's easy to let being thankful slide, leaving you in panic at Thanksgiving dinner when they ask you to go around the table and talk about what you're thankful for. So instead of making something up this year, here are 2 different ways to be intentional about adding more 'Thanks' to your Thanksgiving:

1. Keep it Calm

Sometimes it helps to take a deep breath, take a walk, calm our souls, and think about what we're thankful for. Some of us are naturally wired for peace and tranquility. Others have to work a little harder to create our calm! The good news is our ‘calm’ can be called through the senses: specifically the nose, the tastebuds, and the skin. I love essential oils rollers with lavender and ylang ylang to help slow me down when I'm going a mile a minute. Teas are also a beautiful way to take in the soothing benefits of lavender - Take a Sec tea mixes lavender with a calming chamomile blend. And finally, who doesn’t love to feel beautiful while collecting peaceful vibes? Our CBD facial oil, Zen Daze Ahead, is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, super-soothing beauty blend that nourishes the skin and mind alike. Whether you prefer time in nature or with your journal, use these calming ideas to help you get in the grateful mood.

2. Make it Fun!

If you find yourself slightly too distracted or busy to take a minute to calm down, it's STILL possible to prioritize thankfulness this season. Especially if you have kids, sometimes it helps to pair being thankful with a fun activity! This year we'll be doing an art project called 'Thankful Turkey', where we cut out all the feathers on the turkey, write what we're thankful for on them, and put the turkey together for display all month long. This will keep all the things we're thankful for in front of us as we go through our busy lives. You can check out the template for the Thankful Turkey we made here. There's an option to do it digitally or print it out for a fun project with the kiddos!

I hope these ideas can jump start your thankfulness in this busy season!

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