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Cleanse the Body for Fertility

Toxicity is a much greater concern in today’s world than ever before. With the influx of newer and stronger chemicals, environmental pollution, and free radicals, there is a greater risk of toxic buildup in the body. This contamination may come from daily living, as we unknowingly absorb it through our food, air, and even the water we drink. It also occurs in higher levels in individuals exposed to great amounts of stress, whether physical or emotional. Additionally, toxins may result from the use of drugs and synthetic hormones. Such things can have a beneficial and specific purpose; however, they should not linger in the body once their purpose is served.

Toxic buildup can create inflammation in the body, robbing it of its natural ability to balance hormones, build immunity, and create energy - which can be quite detrimental to fertility. When the body is purged of these pollutants, it relieves enormous stress on the organs and tissue. In a FEM Protocol Cleanse the Body™ session, the body’s detoxification response will be triggered using a protocol known as Raindrop Technique®, in which a series of therapeutic-grade essential oils are applied to the feet and spine. This technique is combined with a light-touch approach to stretching and opening the lymphatic pathways. Additionally, Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage techniques, hormone-balancing essential oils, reflexology, and therapeutic massage enhances the body's cleanse.

The use of essential oils can have a remarkable ability to combat toxic contamination. Long considered mankind’s first medicine, essential oils offer a highly therapeutic, concentrated and potent alternative to herbs. Unlike herbs, oils can be applied to and absorbed through the skin, the body’s fastest method of absorption. Essential oils are highly anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal. They have a similar structural make-up to our cells, and therefore are uniquely able to penetrate cell membranes, diffusing throughout the blood tissue and opposing toxins in our bodies.

While the oils work on the body, they can also have a powerful effect on the mind. Research shows that aromatic compounds can strongly affect the brain. The hypothalamus, the hormone center of the brain, is strongly influenced through our sense of smell. Likewise, the limbic system, sometimes called the ‘seat of emotions’, is directly impacted through scent. Therefore, essential oils can work to create hormonal balance and may promote the release of stagnant emotions.

During a Cleanse the Body™ session, the use of essential oils is enhanced through the gentle manipulation of the lymphatic system. Lymph, a blood-like fluid, delivers hormones and nutritive substances to the body while simultaneously removing toxicity and waste from it. In fact, the lymphatic system is the only system of the body that can easily recover trapped toxins accumulated around the cells. These substances are then transferred to the lymph nodes, where filtration and purification occur. Lymph drainage quickens the lymph by up to four times its usual speed, thereby enhancing liver function, building the immune system, and improving fluid movement to and from organ tissues.

Lymph drainage also enhances the body’s absorption of essential oils by up to 7 times the normal rate. Once this combination of unique therapies has purged unwanted, foreign substances, the blood is left cleansed and renewed, bringing the body towards its natural balance and function. And the closer the body is to its natural balance, the better it can perform in all areas, including fertility.

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