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Enhance the Blood for Fertility

Blood is the body’s natural healing agent. Open circulatory pathways assist in recovery and regeneration, bringing nourishment to our muscles, tissues, and organs. Unfortunately, many stressors trigger tension in the body, threatening its ability to properly distribute the blood.

Whether we slump our shoulders, shorten our breath, or clench our abdomen, a chronic pressure is exerted on the viscera, restricting its movement. More intense levels of stress send the body signals to redirect the blood from the abdomen to the legs, an ancient response that aids us in running from danger. Eventually, blood deprivation may cause minute adhesions, rigidity, and stagnation. Larger obstructions, such as surgeries and scar tissue, only exacerbate this condition.

When the proper flow of blood is returned to the organs, there is a tremendously healing and balancing effect on the body. That's why the Fertility Enhancing Massage (FEM) Enhance the Blood™ session uses a blend of myofascial as well as Swedish massage to stimulate and revitalize the pelvic organs. Circulation can be enhanced through hip mobilizations and stretches, reflexology and acupressure. In addition, thermal therapy, essential oils, and the massage of specific arteries can redirect the blood toward the reproductive organs.

Myofascial massage is a recent but powerful discovery for opening and releasing the body’s many systems. Fascia is neither muscle nor skin, but a fibrous and elastic connective tissue that holds the body together and gives it shape. It is pervasive throughout the body, surrounding every muscle, nerve, and organ. Restrictions in the abdominal fascia are strongly benefited by heat, stretches, movement, and massage. As the tissues melt and unwind, a profound re-opening of circulatory pathways occurs. Furthermore, releasing dysfunction in the fascial tissues can relieve postural imbalances, opening up our core and creating more space for organ mobility. The viscera may also benefit through increased cellular nutrition and respiration, fluid flow, and elimination of waste.

Meanwhile, techniques such as reflexology and acupressure achieve similar results through different methods. Reflexology views the foot as a map of the body, and uses the application of pressure to specific points to alleviate physical and energetic congestion in the corresponding body parts, restoring function and increasing circulation. Acupressure, like acupuncture, is based on a theory of energy meridians, but uses sustained finger pressure instead of needles. Specific points can be incorporated to stimulate the uterus and tonify the blood.

In addition, circulation can be redirected into the pelvic cavity through massaging the femoral artery. As this arterial passageway is compressed, blood back-flows into the iliac artery, which branches into the reproductive organs. In directing more blood toward the ovaries, egg quality may be improved. By sending more blood to the uterus, the endometrial lining may thicken. Even in situations where the lining is too thick, increasing circulation has a cleansing effect, helping to flush out stagnation and toxicity from the uterus.

When unrestricted, the body is intricately and naturally designed to bathe the abdomen in new blood with every heartbeat.

Many of these techniques, including femoral artery massage, reflexology, and acupuncture, can also be done as self care at home. Want to learn how? Check out A Path to Pregnancy: 14 Day Fertility Prep, our new holistic fertility program!

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