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Get Your Glow!

This July we are fully ablaze and starting to sizzle! The summer is sacred here in Chicagoland, because we fully appreciate our oasis from the cold. But fun in the sun aside, it’s important to be smart this time of year, and protect ourselves while we achieve that July glow! Here are three favorite products to keep you cool all summer long!

  • Artistry Ideal Radiance UV Protect SPF 50+: More than just a sunscreen, this ultra-light, oil-free, water-resistant defense shield provides UVB/UVA protection to guard your skin from harmful rays, while infusing potent botanicals into your skin to reverse the appearance of sun damage. Artistry’s Star Lily Blend, renowned for its pure white luminosity, helps brighten your skin tone, targeting visible dullness, dark spots, and discoloration. Our patented blend of White Chia Seed and Pomegranate Extract protects with potent antioxidants for skin defense while Pearl Protein Extract treats skin tone, dark spots, and discolorations. Meanwhile, our AA2G Skin-Brightening Technology dramatically reduces skin pigmentation and Vitamin C brightens the skin.

  • Artistry Studio Glow-Tint Cocktail Booster Glow Maker + Hydrator: Who needs a filter?! This super lightweight, silky serum instantly hydrates and moisturizes to help you achieve your glow goals. Kakadu Plum awakens your natural glow and calms your skin, while White Chia Seed strengthens your skin. Meanwhile, Hyaluronic Acid empowers your skins softness and ability to stay hydrated. Your skin shouldn’t feel parched - let it drink up this unique cocktail!

New Product Alert!!

  • Artistry Studio Bottle of Sunshine Self-Tanning Water - Hydrating + Healthy Glow with Applicator Mitt (Light/Medium and Medium/Dark): Rock your sunny look, without the sun damage! This streak-free, non-sticky, fast-drying formula sprays on and easily blends (with smart applicator mitt) for a bronzed look that shows up in a few hours (and lasts for days). Infused with Mango and DHA self-tanning ingredient, this no mess, no stress, easy to use vegan formula contains no mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, or sulfate surfactants, so your skin can glow with health as well as with a tan! Pick Light/Medium to look like you spent a day at the pool, and Medium/Dark to look like you spent the week in Mexico!

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