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Gifts that Lift: Baskets for the Mind, Body, & Spirit

2020 is always presenting us with new ways to redefine normal. With winter approaching, I find myself wondering what our holiday season will look like this year. Will it be families gathering with festive food? Or zooming with cyber-cheer? Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with it, Black Friday. I’ve always loved the tradition of holiday shopping, with festive music playing in all the stores, lines going around the block, and shoppers covering every square inch of malls around America. But this year that seems a little…out of vogue. This holiday season staying in and staying safe is first priority, and when it comes to gifting, taking care of your health and yourself is top of mind.

I’ve put together these gift baskets to provide you with inspiration for unique gifts to lift the mind, body, and spirit, so your loved ones can feel the love, while you have a safe and healthy shopping experience. Baskets are fully customizable by theme and price point. Products may also be purchased individually for your own gifting ideas! And so with no further ado, I present to you…

The Busy Mom Basket

For the mom who has so much on her plate, and you just want to give her a moment of zen…

  • Slay the Day gummies—featuring panax ginseng andvitamins B6 & B12, this tasty gummy nourishes mom-brain and unlocks the body’s energy.

  • Youth Xtend Enriching Eye Cream—attack early aging around the eyes with antioxidants, moisture, and peptides; she’ll look radiant and rested, and fool everyone into thinking that mom-life is a piece of cake!

  • Light-Up Lip gloss—dual functions as a lip gloss and a flashlight to look under the couch to find where her toddler hid the keys!

  • Personality Plus for Parents— a book of wisdom for understanding the personality of and bringing out the best in a child.

  • A mug full of kisses….

The Workout Warrior Basket

An athlete’s dream with stand-out products that perform like they do.

  • XS Quick Dissolving Protein Pods—20 grams of wheyprotein wrapped in a food-grade film, these pods dissolve instantly in a shaker cup for mess-free, travel-friendly, and high-performance fuel. Containing 4.4 grams of BCAAs, these enlightened pods are keto-friendly with NO sugar, fat, gluten, lactose, GMOs or soy.

  • Intense Pre-Workout Boost—get that competitive edge with a blend of rhodiola rosea, CarnoSyn® beta-alanine and caffeine. Not sure what I just said? One taste is worth a thousand words.

  • A shaker cup to make the magic happen.

  • CBD Cream—with 300mg of full spectrum hemp extractCBD, a premium blend of Arnica Montana Extract, and less than .3% THC, this cream soothes and nourishes tired skin and muscles in minutes. Adventure→Apply→Recover→Repeat.

  • (Optional: for the warrior princess) Roller Ball Perfume—to glow-up that post-workout musk.

The Sleep Tight Basket

For anyone who needs a little nighttime luxury so they can rest, recover and slay the day!

  • Sweet Dreams gummies—melatonin and passion flower help bring on the zzz’s with this gentle but potent vitamin treat.

  • Eye Look Rested De-puffer & Brightener—with seaweed and algae, these serum-infused pillow masks provide an instant refresh, calming down puffiness and recharging the skin for a bright and well-rested glow.

  • The Pampered Pout—shea butter and starfruit nectar turn chapped lips into a smooth, smooch-able smile overnight; good things come to those who pout!

  • An eye mask for the resting queen.

  • Fuzzy socks for sleepy feet.

The Glam Girl Basket

For anyone that loves to sparkle and shine! Just because her going-out options are a little more limited these days doesn’t mean she can’t still feel like a beauty queen!

  • Artistry Studio Every Day I’m Bubbling Sheet Masks—‘Me-Time’ is about to get poppin’! These scented sheet masks fizz away built-up impurities,energize the skin, and prep the face for what’s to come!

  • Artistry Studio Mascara Base Primer (Bangkok edition)—Get a ‘falsie’ effect without all the fuss. This conditioning primer lengthens, thickens, and volumes lashes by over 80% (versus mascara alone). Use under Artistry Studio 3-in-1mascara for best results.

  • Artistry Studio 3-in-1 mascara (New York edition)—for customizable lashes with volume, lift, and separation use this twistable brush: elongate for volume, shorten for lift, and use the Mohawk side to separate. Great for a daily look or for nighttime standout stunners!

  • Artistry Studio Light Up Silky Matte Lip Color/Gloss (Spice Red - Shanghai edition)—Paint the town red with 8-hour long-wear lips. This fresh liquid texture glides on like a gloss but creates a modern, matte, kissable finish.

  • Artistry Studio Soft and Silky Eye/Cheek Pop Trio (Shanghai Nudes - Shanghai edition)—this smart, magnetic three in one is sure to turn heads, both inside your purse and on your face!

The Stress Busting Basket

Has anyone experienced any stress in 2020?! For anyone in your life who deserves a little R&R—it’s like a vacation getaway without needing to leave home…

  • Less Stress More Yes gummies—L-Theanine and lemonbalm help reduce stress and create that ‘wakeful relaxation’ state of mind. Get your zen on!

  • Take a Sec tea—a custom blend of hibiscus, chamomile, and lavender that calls out your calm…

  • Artistry Studio Spot-On Blemish Dots—Stick it to stress spots - these cheerful blemish dots cover and calm with Tea Tree Oil and Volcanic Ash

  • Artistry Studio Bangkok Essential Oil on-the-go Balms—breathe in bliss with travel-friendly essential oils that won’t create a mess. To experience happy, calm, or energy, just apply to a pressure point or under the nose.

Can't wait to give a Gift that Lifts? Just shoot me a line!

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