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Gummies & Smoothies & Splats, Oh yeah!

I'm excited to officially introduce to you the new Nutrilite Kids line! A great supplement is fun to take - these tasty splats, yummy gummies, icy cool powders & delish smoothies work hard to help support heart, brain & bone health - but go down super easy!

Yummy gummies packed with 12 vitamins and minerals from plants grown on our Nutrilite farms, Nutrilite Kids Multivitamin Gummies are made to meet the ever-changing needs of growing children. Our berry and fruit-punch flavored gummies contain traceable plant nutrients, like chia, blueberry, spinach, sea buckthorn, & lutein. Developed by a mom with a PhD in Nutrition, every ingredient has been tracked from seed to supplement so you know what you’re giving your kids is safe, clean and wholesome.

  • Vision – vitamin A + Lutein to support eye health

  • Bones – vitamin K to support bone health

  • Immunity – vitamins C & D + zinc to support little immune systems

  • Contains plant nutrients from five colorful food groups - like a tasty rainbow!

  • A day’s serving gives kids more vitamin A than 3 cups of broccoli, more vitamin D than 2 cups of milk, more vitamin E than 2 avocados, and more vitamin C than 2 cups of spinach! What more could a mom want?

No brains are growing faster than your kids. That's why adding Nutrilite Brainiums DHA Jelly Splats full of Omega 3s to support young brain health is a total no brainer. These sugar free, Omega jellies contain 250mg DHA, 50mg EPA, 25mg ALA to support your little one’s brain health. DHA and EPA from sustainably sourced fish, and ALA from traceable organic chia seed oil means these brain boosting jellies will make your heart happy too!

Taking care of our kids’ immune health has never been more important - that’s why having this 4-in-1 immunity support in your cabinets is a must. Made with acerola cherries from our organic farms, this an exclusive blend of 30 mg vitamin C, 1 billion CFU Probiotics, 1 mcg vitamin D and 2.6 mg zinc packs an immune boosting punch right when you need it! And you can turn that frown upside-down when you turn the packaging inside out for a surprise coloring activity!

Eight fruits and veggies walked into a blender…Superfood Smoothies are tasty, nutrition packed snacks equaling 1 cup of fruits and vegetables. Organic chia, mango, kiwi, banana, apple, pineapple, organic sweet potato, organic purple carrots, organic brown rice and organic coconut cream from our own farms are lovingly mixed with NO added sugar, GMO’s, dairy, gluten, or soy. AND your kids can have a fun, rack ‘em, stack ‘em game as they collect caps from their snacks!

Want more mental stimulation to encourage your kid’s healthy eating? Check out this very veggie digital game!

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