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Simple Giving: Little & Large

Seizing opportunities to give in little ways or big ways is part of what makes the Christmas season so special. It’s easy to get busy and not take the time to sprinkle love onto the people around us, but you never know who might really need that hug, that cup of coffee, or just a bright smile. Giving can be serving (volunteering at a soup kitchen, or offering to shovel a snowy driveway). Giving can be words, as you reach out with a phone call or a hand written card to just let someone know you see them and you care. Giving can come in the form of little treasures that are beautiful, create joy, or capture a moment. If you’re stumped and can’t think of something that fits the bill, try making Origami Ornaments - these can be a wonderful craft no matter your age, and are sure to create smiles for giver & receiver alike!

Click either of these photos to see tutorials on how to make them! Either can easily be made into ornaments or used as decorations to brighten up anyone's day.

On the topic of giving, gifts remain the classic way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Gifts can be little stocking stuffers, or large group gifts. My recommendation is to go unique with your gifting to really make an impression that will last. Here are my top 3 little gifts and my top 3 large gifts to let someone know you care this holiday season!

Little: Stocking Stuffers

Products under $25 that are sure to lift the spirit!

Large: Group Gifts

Great options when multiple people want to chip in to make someone feel extra special!

  • Supreme LX Regenerating Cream: 24K gold-infused facial cream goes where no other skin creams have gone before, helping skin look and act up to 15 years younger with a massive energy boost, lifting and rejuvenating the skin (and the spirit).

  • Atmosphere Mini™ Air Treatment System: Reduces odors from smoke, cooking, and pets, helps with allergies, and keeps your air pure with its 3 in 1 filter.

  • iCook™ 5-Piece Knifeware Set is an exclusive knife set perfect for any of the amateur (or professional) chefs in your life.

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