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Speak Dad's Language - Father's Day Gifts!

Does anyone else have a hard time shopping for Dad or is it just me? My dad is the king of gifts - he’s always on the lookout for unique pieces of jewelry, or he brings home unexpected sweets and treats. When I moved 1000 miles away, flowers or chocolates would show up at my door unexpectedly at Valentines Day, Mothers Day, and yes, even Fathers Day. He’s phenomenal at giving gifts. But when I ask him what HE would like for any birthday or holiday he always seems to shrug his shoulders, clear his throat, and mumble something incoherent as he walks away. It’s true, many dads are hard to shop for, but that doesn’t mean we can’t focus on giving them a fantastic experience on June 19th. Last month we broke down the best ways to celebrate the moms according to her love language - now let’s do the same for the dads! Acts of Service: Nothing says love like breakfast-in-bed. Allowing him to sleep in and be awoken by the smell of coffee and bacon (or whatever his preferred breakfast smells are) starts the day right and will surely put him in the mood for the special day to come.

Physical Touch: If he’s the type to enjoy it, get him (or GIVE him) a massage. Men are notorious for ignoring their own body pains, so this is the gift he probably didn’t know he needed. And if he’s less of a physical touch guy, try booking him a haircut at the barber’s. Even the light touching of the scalp that comes hand-in-hand with a haircut can really help him unwind and de-stress.

Quality Time: The possibilities here are endless! Take him fishing, go on a hike, put up a projector and set up a backyard movie! Sit down with him and draw out the family tree (he’ll love to share your family legacy with you!) Or go see a sports game with him (live or on TV). They key here is to tailor it to something he loves to do but usually does by himself. Words of Affirmation: A toast at dinner is a classic way to tell your dad how much you love him. Make sure to think your message through and be specific. He will be wowed when you bring up a specific story of a time you spent together, a lesson you learned from him, or a time you felt protected by him (versus just saying ‘Three cheers to dad’).

Gifts: You don’t have to give him pajamas every year. Try giving him a shaving set, a nice cologne, or a pair or chef scissors that has more gadgets than an army knife!

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