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The 7 Deadly Skin Sins

This month I have another gifted co-author and friend joining me, Laura Dodda. Laura, a celebrity makeup artist, skin coach, and former model, has had her work featured in New York Fashion Week, various magazines, and on the faces of her brides on their most photographed day. She’s known by her clients as Chicago’s Beauty Educator (am I blessed to be surrounded by such skin-savvy friends or what?!) And trust me: Laura is dead-serious about beautiful skin.

Don't let your skin sin...

We've all heard of the seven deadly sins, right? Originating from the ‘Desert Fathers’ out of the Christian Tradition, pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth are considered capital vices that promote more sin, leading to the death of the soul. Is this a slightly dramatic metaphor for the state of our skin? Maybe a little…Luckily for us, the skin sins won’t destroy our soul, but they may have an undesirable effect on our skin, our budget, and our attitudes. Let’s dive deep into the seven sins that impact our skin!

Lust- Skin lust shows up when we want everything on trend whether we need it or not. The desire to shop non-stop, the inability to pass up a good sale, the illogical feeling that a product that’s more expensive or endorsed by a beautiful celebrity is somehow magically better…Just say no. You don’t need to try everything and blow your budget to find happiness. Doing so may overwhelm your skin, cause irritations and slow down the progress of a consistent skincare routine (not to mention clutter up your cabinets)!

Gluttony - historically this refers to alcohol or overindulgence. And guess what? The same is true when it comes to your skin! Overtaxing your body with too much sugar, processed foods, and alcohol creates inflammation and wear in tear (that we wear on our faces). Try a day of eating whole foods, lots of fruits and veggies, and drinking nothing but water! Your skin will show the glow from the inside out.

Pride- ever met a guy who wouldn’t ask for directions? A person who wouldn’t use the instruction manual to assemble a piece of furniture? What you already know can only get you so far, but having a mentor can take you to places you never even dreamed of. When it comes to your skin, don’t make the mistake of thinking you already know it all. Take a pro’s advice if you can get it!

Sloth- Ever gone to sleep with your makeup on? This is one I know we’ve all been guilty of! Every once in a blue moon and you shouldn’t have any major consequences. But when it becomes a pattern your skin can’t breath and regenerate itself like it needs to. In fact, every night you don’t properly cleanse and care for your skin, your skin ages 11 days. That adds up over time! Pam Winters, a wise woman and mentor of mine once said “There are no ugly people, just lazy ones.” Just like our teeth would suffer if we were too tired to brush them every night, you skin thrives on a healthy routine. So take a moment every morning and evening to do that self-care - the future you will thank you!

Greed- in the Christian tradition this refers to the desire for outward achievements and rewards, ignoring inner spiritual development. When it comes to your skin, greed is the desire for outer beauty and adornment, ignoring the presence (or absence) of inner beauty. There’s nothing wrong with looking great, but true beauty is found within.

Wrath/Anger- Ever gone to town on your eyebrows till there was almost nothing left? Picked your pimples or unclogged your pores obsessively and borderline violently? Done something painful or poisonous to your skin to achieve a certain look? Does your reflection ever upset you? We all have these pain-points to some degree. Self-love is an ongoing practice and discipline, and can be especially hard when we fall victim to the next sin…

Envy- Have you ever looked longingly at someone with younger skin? Clearer skin? Lighter skin? Darker skin? Comparison kills joy. Keep in mind that 99% of the time we compare the other person’s best with our worst. You see yourself first thing when you get out of bed in the morning every day. You see everyone else when they’ve already pulled themselves together to present their best face to the world. There is only one YOU. And you have beauty, gifts and talents that no one else does. So focus on being your healthiest self and don’t criticize your appearance based on what you’ve seen in magazines. Being kind starts with being kind to yourself.

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