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The Kindness Tree

It’s a valuable lesson to build into children that Christmas isn’t just about the gifts you receive, it’s about the chance to give, show kindness, and add value into other people’s lives. That’s why I’m excited to introduce this new tradition to our family Christmas: The Kindness Tree.

You’ve probably heard of an Advent Tree, where a new treat, ornament or message is revealed and hung on the tree each day leading up to Christmas. This is a similar concept, except every day the tree 'delivers' a special note for the kids and family with instructions for a random act of kindness. Examples include ‘donate a toy to a child in need’, ‘bake cookies for your neighbor’, and ‘bring food to a food pantry’. You can follow this tradition the December 1st through 25th (like an advent tree), or just do it for the 12 Days of Christmas leading up to the Christmas Day.

Want to join my new tradition? Click here for a downloadable PDF with Kindness Tree notes for 12 days! (hint: print double-sided & use business card sheets or a thicker paper stock.)

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