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The Next Evolution of Skincare

As some of you know, I’m a tad bit obsessed with skincare. I LOVE to geek out about the science behind it, and I've been learning quite a bit lately, so I wanted to share!

Did you know your skin has foundational nutritional needs? From purification to supporting the skin’s microbiome, to strengthening its structural integrity, increasing hydration and protection against environmental assault, the skin is often left starving for what it actually needs. And just like a kid that’s filled up on empty calories from junk food, so much of the skincare lining the shelves of department stores and supermarkets are 80% filler product that may even be hurting the health of your skin and body. That’s why I’m in love with Artistry Skin Nutrition.

Artistry just launched Skin Nutrition, an amazing new skincare line. It is a breath of fresh air in a sea of product compromises. It’s certified vegan, clean, and contains all naturally derived ingredients that are traceable (meaning that every plant used in their formulations has a birth certificate, and can be traced back to the organic farm it was grown on). This is major peace of mind for knowing that the product you’re getting is exactly the product you’re expecting). It follows the EU Standards on safe ingredients, eliminating over 1300 ‘iffy’ ingredients. And no animal testing and no animal-derived ingredients means it’s good for the heart too.

Not only is Skin Nutrition amazing for what’s NOT in it, but it’s even more amazing for what IS in it. This line is revolutionary because it focuses on and optimizes what your skin already knows how to do. Instead of targeting surface-level issues, it aims to strengthen the foundation of how your skin works, addressing skin issues at the core. It’s like supplements for your skin. Artistry analyzed 32,000 faces around the world and identified 5 universal nutritional requirements for the skin. Let’s look at how our balancing and hydrating lines address them:

  1. Purify This refers to removing pollutants and cleansing our top layer of skin. Both cleansers contain amino acids to help strengthen your skin’s immune system and protect it from free-radical damage.

  2. BalanceOn our skin, there are good bacteria that help us maintain healthy skin. To ensure that the good bacteria are thriving, both toners contain prebiotics.

  3. Rebuild Our skin is made up of collagen and elastin proteins. The structural integrity of these proteins is crucial to healthy skin. Damage to these proteins can cause wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines. The day-lotions in each system contain the ingredient carnosine, which is a strong wound healer known to mitigate wrinkles and prevent other signs of aging in the skin.

  4. Moisturize Hydration is key! We want our skin cells to be plump for that youthful look and so that we can maintain the integrity of the proteins in our skin. Both gel moisturizers help our skin bind to moisture with the use of rice protein or zinc PCA.

  5. Protect Our skin needs protection from stressors and environmental assaults. That is why the day lotions have SPF 30 and strong antioxidant ingredients such as meadowsweet and red algae. Fun fact - these moisturizers also protect us from blue light (from our digital devices) along with sun, pollution, etc. And let’s not forget about acerola cherry, pomegranate, micelles, amino acids and spinach, all sourced from Nutrilite™ organic farms.

Last but not least, Artistry’s hero ingredient, white chia seed, is found throughout every Artistry Skin Nutrition product. One of nature’s richest superfoods, its phytonutrients help to visibly nourish and protect skin’s healthy beauty. Chia… it’s the new kale!

If you have any questions about Artistry Skin Nutrition and how it can help you and your skin, just ask! I would love to help you love the skin you're in.

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